5 Common Traits of Successful People

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This morning I had the privilege of attending a Business Chicks breakfast with guest speaker Lorna Jane Clarkson for the launch of her new book Inspired.

Now I’m sure Lorna Jane needs no introduction but just in case let me give you a brief rundown of Lorna’s path to becoming an amazingly successful business woman.

image of lorna jane clarkson book inspiredLorna Jane was a fitness instructor who was unhappy with the range of fitness wear that was available to her in the early 1990’s. She decided to create her own active wear and it was soon getting a lot of attention from the women attending her classes.

With more and more requests Lorna Jane started making and selling her pieces and soon found she had such a demand that it was suggested to her that she should open her own store which she did.

When a customer entered her store one day and bought every single item she had in stock, she knew she was onto something and so Lorna Jane grew to what is now not only a chain of 210 stores worldwide but inspiration to women everywhere to live their best life through a daily practice of Move Nourish Believe.

Whilst listening to Lorna Jane it occurred to me that many of the things she spoke about were not unlike the common traits that I had heard other successful people speak of having and so I came up with my top 5.

5 Common Traits of Successful People

  1. They Value Health and Well Being

Lorna Jane has built her life and business specifically around the health industry and she believes that Health is Wealth. Lorna exercises every day using a variety of different activities including walking her dog twice a day, a morning session of yoga/meditation as well as running and weights.  Her diet is also of great importance and she rarely drinks alcohol, eliminates sugar and incorporates green smoothies and super foods daily. Most successful people have a very similar approach and believe that exercising regularly, eating well and being mindful is key to their day to day wellbeing.

  1. They Love and are Passionate About What They Do Everyday

Health, fitness and fashion designing is what Lorna Jane lives for. It is her life, she lives and breathes it and loves getting up everyday and doing what she is passionate about. Her purpose is to inspire women to live their best life by having a daily practice of Move Nourish Believe and each morning her first mindful thought or intention is how can she make a difference today. She listens to what her customers and fans want and aims to provide more and better solutions for them. Successful people understand what it is they are good at and want to use that to help other people. It’s what makes them feel fulfilled.

  1. They are Authentic

Successful people such as Lorna Jane understand that you need to have authenticity around what you do.  They understand that it is their unique talents, voice and message that makes them stand out from the crowd and they are not afraid to put themselves out there. They say what they are going to achieve and achieve what they say they are going to because they speak their inner truth. They create from their inner core and soul and don’t try to be a copy of anyone else.

  1. They Work Hard and Don’t Give Up

Lorna Jane did not find success over night. Her story has now spanned 25 years since she first started making active wear in Queensland, Australia. She personally creates around 70 new designs each month and works closely with her own personal team. Successful people understand that things won’t always go as planned but they will keep on pushing forward regardless. They can make decisions quickly and accept bad decisions and failure as part of the process of achieving success and they never ever give up!

  1. They Have Laser Focus

Being perfectly clear about personal values and goals is something Lorna Jane does extremely well. She knows exactly how she wants to live her life and keeps amazing focus on what is important to her. She clearly defines what health and success looks like and this is reflected in everything about her. She is in amazing shape physically and her business is branded in a very recognizable way that clearly demonstrates all that she stands for and believes in. Successful people focus their attention on what they want so intensely that it cuts away anything that does not apply to what they want to achieve.

Understanding the common traits and core beliefs of successful people is one of the best ways to bring more success into your life. We each have our own unique talents, voice and value to share with the world and if we live to our best ability in a way that is going to support our health, happiness and well being we each have the opportunity to be successful and fulfilled in our own lives.

Find successful people that you admire and connect with and pay close attention to how they live their life and share their talents with the world.

I find great inspiration from not only Lorna Jane but also Marie Forleo, Gabby Bernstein and Tony Robbins just to name a few.  I would love to hear who you find inspirational. Feel free to leave a comment in the box below.

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Here’s to your success!


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