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5 Principles of Manifestation

By June 10, 2015Mindset

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How do you feel about the concept of every single thing in your life right now being the direct result of what you have manifested for yourself with the power of your thoughts and feelings?

For me, when I first started learning about the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, I wasn’t entirely ready to believe I had created all that was going on in my life. To be honest that was because my life wasn’t all that awesome and it was much easier to believe some things were out of my control.

After all I had been taught since birth all kinds of lessons about life, relationships, health, career and money. I had been taught that things are just a certain way for some people due to the circumstance they are born into.

I had the belief that the majority of people are destined to settle for a life of hard work, routine and scarcity. Society in general is pretty good at delivering that very message.

The more I read and learned however, the more the idea of being the creator of my life so far and therefore my life now and into the future became highly empowering!

What if I could change my thoughts and how I felt in a way that would allow me to manifest whatever it was I truly desired into my life?!

The truth is that we are all manifesting every minute of every day. Each of our thoughts has an energy flow that the universe then matches and delivers you more of the same.

If you think, believe and feel you will never be successful the universe will deliver more of being unsuccessful to you.

If you can think, believe and feel the opposite, the universe will catch that energy and deliver more opportunities of being successful to you.

The trick is ‘knowing’ that feeling good isn’t the result of receiving what you desire; it is the cause of receiving what you desire.

Your feelings need to match the experience you desire to have.

One particular speaker and author who I came across and I think explains this process wonderfully is Gabby Bernstein which I have summarised here.

5 Key Principles of Manifestation.

1. Clear Space

You must clear any personal blocks or disbelief you have over your own power to be happy. Be open to the lessons and signs that you receive from the universe to free yourself from limiting beliefs and trust that the more clean your thoughts and energy are, the more positive experiences you will be able to attract.

2. Get Clear

Be very clear in your mind about what it is you desire. Write a list of all the details so that you have a vibrant image in your mind, so vibrant that you can feel it! Remembering that feeling as if you already have it is the key here.

3. Think It, Feel It, Believe It

Put these steps together and make time to focus your thoughts and feelings everyday with clear intention on what it is you desire. Contemplate, think, feel and believe what you desire is on its way and that it is already yours.

4. Chill!

Once you have a handle on those 3 steps the next most crucial part of the process is to chill out!

‘Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait without anxiety’

Believe that what you desire is on its way even though you cannot control the timing or form in which it may come. Stay calm and trust the universe has your back!

5. Know The Universe Has Your Back

When you are in the know of your ability and power to manifest, anxiety and disbelief fade way and you begin to vibrate at a higher level. The universe catches up with your shift in energy and manifesting what you truly desire becomes easier and more natural.

Check out this video with Marie Forleo where she talks to Gabby more about Manifestation.


I love both of these women as they demonstrate living a life of abundance that involves sharing their gifts and helping and empowering others to learn how to create successful and happy lives for themselves.

They are the same core values and intentions that I have for my business and those that I connect with so I hope you have enjoyed the read and if you know of others that would benefit from this article, please use the share buttons below to spread the love!

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Thanks for reading and here’s to manifesting all that you desire!


Author Toni Everard

Internationally accredited Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Coach and Hypnotist, Toni Everard is passionate about helping you breakthrough whatever has been holding you back so you can be your own best coach, achieve your goals and live your dream life.

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