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9 Top Tips To Travel Like A Rock Star!

By July 22, 2015Lifestyle

Image of a rock chick

Travelling rocks! I love the feeling of escapism, jumping on a plane and flying to some far off destination where there’s no day job, housework or constant demands on my time and energy.

I love people watching in airports.  You see the backpackers, business peeps, loved up couples and the mums and dads struggling with their little bundles of joy and frustration.

And then.. there’s the Rock Stars..

You know who I mean, the cool kids with their aviator shades and leather jackets. They sashay through the terminal with an air of confidence in a cloud of cool style. They’ve seen every major airport on the globe and they own it.

Life is an adventure of gigs, tours, parties and fans. They have no problems, problems are for their manager. They pack light, if they don’t have it now someone will get it for them later.

That’s who I want to be..

Travelling is an adventure, so what better time to use your imagination and have some fun. You can be that Rock Star! Escape not just from your normal environment but from your life, even if it’s just for a little while..

Here are my 9 Top Tips To Travel like a Rock Star:

1. Dark Glasses

Sun glasses are a must. A great pair of Aviators or Wayfarers worn even when you’re inside screams ROCK STAR! They also make for great dramatic effect when you whip them off and gaze steadily into the eyes of your unsuspecting fan, otherwise known as the barista serving your long black coffee.

Rock and Roll music, if you like it, if you feel it, you can’t help but move to it. That’s what happens to me. I can’t help it.” – Elvis

2. Leather Jacket

Leather is sexy and cool. A great leather jacket looks hot with denim and boots and is a must have wardrobe staple. Dress it up or down either way leather rocks!

I’m a Rock and Roll Singer” – Adam Ant

3. Scarf

Relaxed but hip and stylish a scarf works in so many ways. A scarf can protect your clothes from food and coffee spills, keep the rain off your rockin’ locks, act as a little blanky if you get a bit chilly on-board your flight and even shield your disheveled looks from the pesky paparazzi who’re constantly trying to get the ‘I just woke up and got off the plane’ look pic to splash across the latest magazine covers.

For me, it’s more about keeping it simple with a Rock and Roll edge. It’s all about accessorising.” – Lulu

4. iPhone

Rock Stars are all about music so make sure you’ve got a banging selection of tunes loaded up and ready to rock. Good ear or head phones are a necessity as is a range of music from chilled out tunes to help you take a power nap to the pumped up beats to get you fired up for the next big gig! A bit of guided meditation is up there too for today’s zenned out Rock Stars who really want to get in touch with their art. You’re iPhone is also perfect to snap a few ‘too cool for school’ selfies along the way to post on social media for your fans to get the latest of what you’re up to.

People don’t realize it, but no one lives that rock and roll life 24-7. They think it’s hundreds of bottles of champagne flowing and private jets and money. But there’s a lot of time when you’re traveling – time to think, time to be lonely. Sometimes it gets to you.” – Lenny Kravitz

5. Rocking Reading Material

If you really want to get inside the mind and life of a Rock Star, get yourself a good autobiography and immerse yourself in the memoirs of someone who’s been there and done it all big time! Imagine it’s your story; imagine it’s you at all the gigs, tours, parties, and recording studios with the screaming fans and groupies. Get right in the midst of the heady highs and rock bottom lows of Rock and Roll as you fly through the skies.

Check Rolling Stones super cool list – The 25 Greatest Rock Memoirs of All Time including titles such as:

Life – Keith Richards

Scar Tissue – Anthony Kiedis

Miles – Miles Davis

Jay Z Decoded 2010

Nile Rodgers  Le Freak 2011

Rock and Roll is here to stay” – Neil Young

6. Water

Slamming down a few scotches or vodkas all sounds superbly rock n roll but that just depends on what kind of impact you really want to have. Whether you do or don’t go the hard stuff, water is essential to keeping yourself hydrated and avoiding dry lips, flaky skin and puffy eyes. Rock Stars need to look cool and slick both during and after the long haul so keep sipping the healthy stuff. You don’t want to risk a croaky throat at your next big gig now do you?

I used to jog but the ice cubes kept falling out of my glass.” – Dave Lee Roth of Van Halen

7. Lip Gloss

The No. 1 best thing for a quick makeover is a slick of gloss over those pouting lips. It draws the attention away from all those other tell-tale signs you’ve been living it large like puffy eyes or dry skin and instantly hits you with a shot of rock n roll glamour.

I’m not a woman. I’m a force of nature.” -Courtney Love of Hole

8. Pen

Always carry a pen, whether it’s filling out those pesky forms or signing a quick autograph or record deal. Stay prepared with a pen.

You see, rock and roll isn’t a career or hobby – it’s a life force. It’s something very essential.” – The Edge

9. Enjoy It!

Creativity is intelligence having fun” -Albert Einstein

Let your mind take you on a journey, break up the routine, escape from the norm, live out your fantasy if only for a short while. Enjoy yourself while you travel like a Rock Star!

If it’s illegal to Rock and Roll, throw my ass in jail!” – Kurt Cobain

*Note this post is part of my entry to the Virgin Australia Top Travel Tips Competition. Wish me luck!


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