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Essential Weekly Planning Tips For Success

By April 23, 2015Lifestyle

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These days it seems like everyone is super busy all the time. There’s work, family, partners, friends, pets, housework, shopping, sports, functions and social events to attend. Not to mention all the distractions we have constantly at our finger tips with our phones having access to Facebook, Instagram, Emails and text messages.

So how do you manage to find the time to start your own Online Business amongst all of this ‘life’ that is happening around you?

You plan!

Before I started my business I felt like I was always busy, and I was. What I was busy at though was filling in my time! I kept myself busy checking Facebook and Instagram.  I was sending endless text messages with friends, wandering through the shops to see if there was anything that I just couldn’t do without.  I would play games on my iPad, watch TV and generally faff about without really achieving a whole lot.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have a 12 year old daughter, a job, a house and a social life to look after so that all takes up some time but outside of that I wasn’t doing much of anything of value.

Making the decision to start my own Online Business changed all of that for me. I love my business and I’m so passionate about learning all that I can and sharing it with others that I make it a priority in the time I have available. I know that there is so much value to be gained from working on my business and that for it to be successful there are certain things that I need to do.

I have put together some Essential Weekly Planning Tips that I find helpful and you may just find that they could help you too!

Sunday is a great day to make sure you are organised at home for the week. Get your housework and shopping done and even have a bit of a cook up so you have some meals prepared for those days that you know time isn’t necessarily going to be on your side.

Make a plan for the week ahead. Fill out a chart showing each day across the top and the hours of the day down the side and start by filling in the things you know you have to do. For example, fill in the days and hours you work, allow for family and dinner time, housework and chores. Add any other non-negotiable commitments you have.

Next make a list of the things you know you need to do for your business and prioritize these things in order of importance. For me I know I need to most importantly focus on writing blog articles, advertising, broadcasting and making connections. After that I fit in time for training and personal development. I’m better at working on my business early in the morning so I make sure I schedule in an hour or two before work, before anyone else can make demands on my time, to do the things I really need to concentrate on.

When you work out how many hours you have available to work on your business, plan to spend 80% of that time on the tasks that drive your income and build your business. So as I said before, for me that includes advertising, writing blog articles and broadcasting to my list.

The remaining 20% of your business time can be spent on training, education and more of the aesthetics such as working on your website or Facebook page. Keep in mind that when you first start you will spend more time on training, setup and education to get yourself going.

Make sure your plan for the week has a healthy balance to keep you in a good mindset.  Allow for exercise, personal development and of course adequate sleep to keep you performing at your best.

As life goes, sometimes not everything will go to plan despite your best efforts. Each night before bed, review what you have scheduled and make any adjustments or preparation that is going to help ensure you achieve what you need to for the following day.

If you find you have spare time, check to see if there is something you can start on that will help ease your load later in the week.

When you are working on a set task, remove all distractions and just focus on that one thing for the time you have allowed.

Let your kids or family know that you need to concentrate on what you are doing for the next hour but after that they will have your full attention.

Put your phone on silent, shut down Facebook and emails and really focus on what you are doing.

Mark off the tasks you achieve each day as you do them so you get a clear picture of what you have actually achieved for the day. Acknowledging your progress motivates you to keep going.

Most importantly remember this! Progress is still progress no matter how small. Over time every piece of effort you put in will add up. Success can only come if you don’t give up! Everyone suffers setbacks from time to time however you can still pick yourself up and move forward.

I always think of setbacks like this…

If you dropped your phone and the impact resulted in a cracked screen, would you then continue to smash the phone up further and chuck it in the bin? Hmm probably not…  Chances are you would pick it up, keep using it and get it fixed as soon as you can.

Having a plan and being organised not only sets you up for success, it also makes you feel happier and less stressed.

To find out more on how you can start your own Online Business and become an Affiliate Marketer like I am, check out this Free 7 Day Video Series on Digital Marketing. This is the very same information that started me on my journey in creating an Online Business from scratch, that I love!

Do you have any helpful time saving or productivity tips to share? I would love to hear them, feel free to drop them in a comment box below.

Author Toni Everard

Internationally accredited Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Coach and Hypnotist, Toni Everard is passionate about helping you breakthrough whatever has been holding you back so you can be your own best coach, achieve your goals and live your dream life.

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  • Kim McKee - Online says:

    Hi Toni, another great blog with good advice on how to get organised. Prior planning is certainly key. I use my outlook email calender to schedule all my appointments and set reminders so the task actually pops up on my screen at a set time before the appointment. I also love OneNote for an online notebook to help me keep on top of my clients and progress. These both really help me ensure I am prepared and don’t forget anything. Thanks for sharing your tips! Cheers, Kim

  • another seriously good article Toni- filled with lots of great tips. One I might add is to break up a big task into smaller steps, and focus on accomplishing them one by one. Also don’t leave things to the last moment or you’ll leave yourself open to panic and won’t produce your best work. I speak from ongoing experience! Keep up the good work 😉

    • Toni Everard says:

      Thanks Linda! Yes I like those tips as well, definitely try to keep one step ahead. There’s nothing worse than things not going to plan at the last minute! Excellent 🙂

  • cve4me says:

    Hello Toni.

    Many people forget that life is hectic enough when you are just one person. Adding building a business to an active family, social life or even health and wellbeing issues may at times prove overpowering. One trick I learned over time is decluttering.

    The reality was things were still an organised mess. Then came the SFM bootcamp. To have found a dream… it was like a GPS . A Goods, products and Services beacon from which to strive for. When things made sense there then the quantifiable and qualitative issues of sorting out the time management and effectiveness was greatly reduced. Now things became a debugging and decluttering of both mindset and physical environment.

    So now it is “off with the old and on with the new!!!”

    Plus after thirty years+ of past married life I finally brought a large chest freezer, The one I really wanted.! And used it.

    Lots of Laughs.



    • Toni Everard says:

      Hi Susan, yes I agree! Decluttering both mind and environment is key. The SFM is such an awesome fit for me too. Hmm chest freezer, it’s on my list – just need the space 😉 Thanks for popping in 🙂

      • cve4me says:

        Had space… just had to shift house contents around to fit the freezer. That triggered the further decluttering. Family had left home a few years ago [ youngest 24 yrs]. I still cannot seem to just shop nor cook for one [ me] and the dog. That then caused the freezer to be partially.

        Now can concentrate on the SFM while food essentially is thawing!

        So the quantifable and qualitive parts of success have definatly been ticked off.

        Cheers while laughing



        • Toni Everard says:

          Haha great work Susan! I’m with you, it’s sometimes just me at home too and I much prefer to have something ready to go in those situations than spend my precious business time preparing, cooking and cleaning up just for one!
          Cheers, have a great weekend 🙂

  • thanks for sharing Toni… I like the idea of cooking prepared meals for those busy days…. and also getting rid of all distractions like phone and facebook so you can stay focused on the task at hand. great advice 🙂

    • Toni Everard says:

      Thanks Rachel, to be honest I’m not one of these people who loves cooking at the best of times so cooking extra when I do and having extra meals stashed in the freezer is a must for me haha. I put my phone on silent and even turn it upside down so I can’t see the screen. So easy to get distracted!!

  • Nik Nekeare says:

    great share….planning has been the dilemma of my journey. Overwhelm clutters the mind with being busy achieving in the wrong areas. Thankyou for another great article, simple straight to the point and practical. I even learnt more from all the comments below…..time to get to work on 80% of the right stuff….. Cheers Toni….

    • Toni Everard says:

      You’re not alone there Nik! I always write about things that I have struggles with myself, it helps cement in my own mind what I need to be doing. I also love that people leave their own helpful tips in the comments, it is after all designed to be a discussion! 🙂

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