How To Be Happy Right Now

By January 29, 2017Mindset

woman with text how to be happy right nowDo you know how to be happy right now?

It seems as though everyone today is on a never ending quest for happiness.  If they lose 5 kg they’ll be happy, if they get that promotion, buy that house, marry that guy, take that holiday, start that business..


But what if you could be happy right now?


Happiness is not a goal to be achieved, it’s an emotional state. Your state can be created, managed and maintained quite simply by being mindful and deliberate with your thoughts, physiology and actions.


Think about your posture when you are happy.  How do you stand, how do you move? Compare that to when you are sad. Do you notice the difference in how you use your physiology in different states?


Now consider the thoughts you entertain while you are happy. Could you contemplate those exact same thoughts while you are feeling sad or would you be focused on something that perpetuated sadness?


Take this example one step further.

What type of action do you take if you are filled with thoughts aligned with happiness and you are using your body’s physiology to match that frequency?


In comparison if you were focused on thoughts that were of a negative nature and your physiology matched that of being sad, what type of action would you be inclined to take?


From this simple exercise you can see that there are indeed elements to how you feel that you are in charge of and can change, manage and maintain.


Each week I lead a Happiness Hunter Walk in Mawson Lakes, South Australia and this week I asked the question “What does happiness mean to you?” in my live video.


This has been by far one of my most popular videos since I started filming Live Video for 90 Days on Facebook at the beginning of January and I believe this is because ultimately everyone wants to be happy and the truth is you deserve to be.

Check out the video here

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Here’s to your happiness!




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