How contrast launches our greatest desires

By December 5, 2015Mindset

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The world is full of contrast. Today is 39c here in Adelaide and it is stinking HOT! On the other side of the world however it’s quite the opposite and I was thinking about that as I was writing a Xmas card to send to a dear long time family friend in the UK.

For every positive there is a negative. For every action there is a reaction. The Universe has an amazing way of creating a balance.

The times in my life that I’ve been motivated the most to make a change have been when I have noticed the greatest contrast between what I have currently and what I want to have.

This applies in all areas including health, relationships, finances, work and spirituality or relationship with self.

Experiencing situations that I don’t enjoy makes me put greater focus on creating situations that I do enjoy.

Contrast launches our greatest desires.

Can you think of a time when something has happened to you that seemed negative but from that experience you created something much greater?

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