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Open Your Mind With These 7 Easy Tips

image of woman on the beach standing in a yoga poseEach of us has the potential to achieve much greater things than we truly believe of ourselves.

A lot of this comes from social conditioning and the environment we grow up in.

From the day we are born we are taught by our parents, families, friends, teachers and peer groups to live, act and think in a way that is accepted and ‘normal’.

Our society is made up of rules, regulations and guidelines designed to create structure, safety and order to the world we live in.

There are a lot of benefits from having these guidelines to follow and it ideally results in us all living in harmony with each other.

Sometimes although well meaning, the people that have such a great impact and influence on us also manage to shackle our true magnificent selves resulting in us creating self-imposed limits that stop us from reaching our highest potential.

They can leave us feeling scared to step out of the ‘norm’ and dare to achieve.

I do believe that there is a shift in consciousness that is growing. People are becoming more aware of their own thought patterns and how they affect their life choices.

Many inspiring public figures are making it their life’s passion to get the message out to the masses and help people everywhere to ‘Open Their Mind’ and  believe in the infinite possibilities that are available to all.

My own personal journey through life has been at times quite interesting and the older I get the more I realize the extent of my own capabilities.

Thinking about this prompted me to pop together a list of things that I find helpful and are easy to implement in your life no matter who you are.

Open Your Mind With These 7 Easy Tips

1. Stop Judging People

Often we judge people as it can make us uncomfortable about ourselves to see others live in a way that involves breaking rules or pushing boundaries in a way that we ourselves fear to do.

Honestly no one is perfect and as long as they aren’t hurting anyone leave them be! You never know, you just might learn something from their experience that you would otherwise be oblivious to.

2. Check Your Ego

Our ego plays an important role in our lives. Egos can help drive us and require us to take pride in ourselves. If your ego however has grown a little large through over indulgence and is starting to block your view, wrangle that thing back down before it turns into a monster!

Neither you nor anyone else will benefit from your ego parading around like a prize cock. It’s hard to focus on anything that is going on around you when you’re so busy being focused on yourself.

3. Have Quiet Time

It is all too easy to constantly have some form of background noise buzzing away. Right now as I sit and type this article I can hear the neighbours celebrating a child’s birthday, a plane flying overhead and my daughter chatting and giggling away to one of her friends on Skype.

Although I don’t dislike any of these sounds, I am aware that they disrupt my train of thought and I find it harder to concentrate on what I’m doing.

Silence allows your mind to relax, organize and sort through the tremendous amount of information that it takes in at lightning speed every day.

4. Meditation and Yoga

Both meditation and yoga have been practiced for hundreds if not thousands of years and are widely known for the amazing benefits on both the mind and body.

Creating a comfortable relaxed atmosphere, concentrating on your breathing and clearing all that noisy mental traffic calms and soothes body and mind alike.  Practicing helps all those little neurons connect and form pathways that help regulate our emotions, increase our attention span and improve mental flexibility.

All of this results in us being more receptive to new ideas. Right on I say!

5. Trust Your Instincts

By the time you’ve reached adulthood, most people know the difference between good and bad. Your brain has fully developed, hopefully, and is able to assess risk and make choices based on the information you have at hand.

The choices you make may at times may not be in alignment with the beliefs of those around you.

If you feel strongly enough about something and you have a gut feeling that you are meant to head in a certain direction – go for it!

We all have an inner compass that is designed purely for us. One that is there to steer us on our own true path. You cannot navigate this path if you solely rely on the thoughts and beliefs of others.

You are your own ultimate guide for what is best for you.

6. Learn Something New

My Nan lived to be 93. One of the greatest things she taught me and something that I have passed on to my daughter is to always keep reading and learning. Whenever I would visit her there would be either a novel or newspaper by her side. As she was hard of hearing she even had subtitles on the TV.

You will never know everything there is to know. You will constantly find new things that challenge what you thought you knew. You will even find out about things that you never even imagined existed.

Learning prepares your mind to be open to new possibilities.

7. Be Positive

It’s extremely hard to move forward in life, challenge yourself and learn when you carry a negative mindset.

Maintaining a positive and happy frame of mind lightens the load and makes it easier to be open to new ideas and possibilities. Staying happy and positive all the time isn’t always easy but it’s worth making the effort.

It’s been proven that just the act of smiling itself has a positive effect on your mind. Try it now, go on smile! It’s fun, free and it feels great! 🙂

Open your mind, eyes and heart to the world and prepare to be astounded and amazed at what you can find both around and inside you that you may have otherwise never even believed to be possible.

Author Toni Everard

Internationally accredited Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Coach and Hypnotist, Toni Everard is passionate about helping you breakthrough whatever has been holding you back so you can be your own best coach, achieve your goals and live your dream life.

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  • Margret says:

    Love your article Toni. So glad you managed to sneek it in, otherewise we would have missed this great story especially the part about your grandmother living to 93 and how she always taught you to always keep reading and leaning and I especially love how you have also passed these same lessons down to your daughter.

    Finding some form of happiness is also so important I beleive and brings that balance and harmony into your life and finding what brings you that balance being also important even if means taking up yoga, dancing, meditating.

    Happiness is the key to life in my opinion. Just a smile can absolutey light up someones’ world and it cost nothing. Feel good already!

    Thanks for writing and sharing this, loved it!

    Margret M Wathey

    • Toni Everard says:

      Thanks Margret, yes I was blessed with a very wise and strong woman in my Nan. My brother and I spent a lot of time with her as kids and although she passed when my daughter Jasmin was quite young, there is so much of her that I still carry with me and gladly pass down the line.

      Glad you enjoyed the read Margret, love spreading a bit of happiness! 🙂

  • Tash Bell says:

    Love this Toni and agree with it all! It’s so important to have an open and clear mind whenever and however possible because there’s so much in this big crazy world for us to discover! 🙂

  • Tracey L Smith says:

    Wow Toni i love all of these 7 strategies but I would have to say my favourties are 5 and 7. Number 1 was me a few years ago before I started reading personal development books. I used to judge everyone, what a stupid thing to do. I like the new me much better 🙂

    • Toni Everard says:

      Thanks Tracey, don’t beat yourself up too much. I think we’ve all been there at some point, when we know better we do better 🙂 I’m loving the yoga, being in a room full of like minded people has an awesome vibe. The meditation part at the end of our class where we sing in call and response with they teacher freaked me out at first but I’m loving it now, it’s a blast! 😉

  • I loved reading this post Toni…. i have always been a humble person who accepts people as they are and never judges anyone. was always taught to respect and love everyone and i try to teach this to my children too. I love no.5 too – your gut is usually right! Thanks for sharing Toni 🙂

  • Kim McKee - Online says:

    Love, love, love this Toni! Particularly number 1 – there is way too much judgement in the world which I am sure stems from insecurity! Very wise words you have! Thanks! Kim

  • Nik Nekeare says:

    Another fantastic informational tip for the entrepreneurial spirit. The value of being part of this group is getting great guidance from a community committed to making everyone welcome and want to stay. A welcoming read to remind us how much we need to be reminded. Gentle with power for that newbie who is discovering alot about themselves and for all of us that we are good and need the occasional nudge to keep in check……thankyou Toni, great read.

    • Toni Everard says:

      Nik thank you so much for dropping by and commenting on my article. I absolutely 100% agree with you, I adore the community that I am apart of with the SFM! So many wonderful, supportive and inspiring people to connect with not just from Down Under but all over the world! Thanks again Nik 🙂

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