Do You Have Space For Change In Your Life?

By April 10, 2016Mindset

Image of woman with text do you have space for change in yourl life?

Do You Have Space For Change In Your Life?

What area in your life right now would you most like to see change in?  Do you want to exercise more, learn a new skill or start a new relationship? Whatever it is, what do you think is stopping you from achieving that change?

Often when we want to see some form of change in our lives, we miss this one key ingredient for making that happen…


We are all so busy, including me, filling our days with all kinds of activities. How often do you find yourself telling people all about how busy you have been? I know that I have definitely been guilty of this, to the point that I almost brag about how busy I am as if it is a badge of honour!

The question to ask yourself is, are you doing what’s of high importance and value to you or are you filling in the ‘space’ with people, tasks and activities that aren’t serving you and effectively just whittle away the hours?

One thing I’ve done today to create more ‘space’ for me to work on what’s important to me in my Coaching Business is to unsubscribe from a whole heap of emails.

Any email that I receive and do not action anything from, don’t read straight away, can’t identify any value in or I’m not interested in buying from, I’ve unsubscribed from.

This action in itself will easily gain me at least 30 minutes a day that I can now use in a much more productive way.

How about you? Is there a chance you could create some space in your day to day life that will open up an opportunity of change for you?

Check out the video I created for this post here: Do You Have Space For Change In Your Life?

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