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Tapping Into Success With EFT

By May 4, 2015Well Being

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I’m a firm believer in things happening for a reason and I consciously pay attention to all the little signs I get from the Universe as if they are a little trail of breadcrumbs that will lead me to where I need to go.

When I heard mention of Tapping twice within 24 hours – once from a fellow SFM member, the lovely Linda Nicholas and then again on my new favourite podcast Business Addicts, I knew it was something I needed to know more about.

I started off by conducting a Google search from which I came up with two main websites that I found to be the best regarded. They were The Tapping Solution with Nick & Jessica Ortner and the website of Brad Yates.

I have to say that even though my first response was that Tapping seems a little weird, I am absolutely fascinated by all of the amazing benefits of this rather unusual technique. So much so that I decided to write this article to share with you as I believe it is something many will find extremely useful.

Tapping, also known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a combination of ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology.

EFT involves tapping and therefore stimulating the body’s meridian points with your fingertips to connect with your natural energy and healing power whilst repeating particular statements pertaining to the stress or issue that you want to resolve or address. The image below depicts the main points that are targeted during Tapping.

illustration on woman showing meridian points for tapping

The statement will generally involve acknowledging what it is you are struggling with and affirming that you completely accept yourself regardless of how you feel about the issue. Tapping is most often used to address negative emotions and feelings as they are what interrupt the bodies energy flow however EFT can also be used with positive statements.

EFT at its core is a stress relieving technique used to remove or shift emotional blocks in all different areas of your life.

  • EFT can be used for pain relief, to relax muscle tension and relieve you from headaches.
  • EFT can also be used to improve relationships, performance and to increase your success and wealth.
  • You can use EFT to overcome grief, anxiety, cravings, nightmares and depression.
  • EFT has been shown to help people overcome phobias such as flying, public speaking and abandonment.

Although your feelings stem from your thoughts, they are nonetheless felt in your body and this is why it is necessary to find a body solution to change them. Tapping into your meridians improves your emotional well being. Good emotional well being offers emotional freedom and therefore enables better decision making.

There are so many ways tapping can help you live the life that you truly desire and understanding how the body and mind link together makes this technique something hard to dismiss.

Of course as with anything results will vary from person to person however I believe with the possibility of having so much to gain from this technique, why not give it a try?!

Tapping or EFT is widely accepted and endorsed by well-known authors and speakers such as Dr Joe Vitale author of The Attractor Factor, Louise Hay author of You Can Heal Your Life, Jack Canfield co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, Dr Wayne Dyer author of Wishes Fulfilled, Kris Carr New York Times Best Selling Author and Christiane Northrup M.D. Women’s Health Expert and New York Times Best Selling Author just to name a few!

My personal favourite is Brad Yates as I find him to have a sense of humour.  I find his humour helps me connect to this technique as like I mentioned before it can seem a little weird at first and I relate better to people who don’t take themselves too seriously.

To give you an idea of how Tapping/EFT looks, I’ve included Brad’s Intro to EFT video.

I love learning new things especially about health and well being. I’ve spent some time reading through the information I have found on Tapping and I have followed along with quite a few of the videos. I have to say that my firm belief is that I did notice a definite improvement on how I felt after Tapping!

I now plan to use Tapping as a tool when I’m feeling stressed and I am also going to be Tapping Into Success With EFT as a tool with these two particular programs:

Business Beyond Belief

Money Beyond Belief

If you have any thoughts or comments you would like to make about Tapping/EFT, please leave them in the comment box below as I would love to hear them!

If you enjoyed reading this article and you think that someone you know would benefit from reading this article as well, please feel free to share using the share buttons below. Sharing is caring 🙂


Author Toni Everard

Internationally accredited Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Coach and Hypnotist, Toni Everard is passionate about helping you breakthrough whatever has been holding you back so you can be your own best coach, achieve your goals and live your dream life.

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  • Kim McKee - Online says:

    Very interesting Toni, I will look more into this technique. Cheers for the insights. Kim

    • Toni Everard says:

      I find it fascinating Kim, it looks a bit weird and I do admit I felt a bit weird when I tried it out but the more I talk about it, the more I hear of it’s popularity. Definitely something in it! 🙂

  • Nik Nekeare says:

    nice….definitely worth looking in to….cheers Toni

  • Well there you go Toni! Well written article on one of my favourite subjects – I absolutely love the whole concept of combining Chinese Acupressure with modern pyschology. it’s brilliant and it works.
    To see the results from the people in the movie is nothing short of astonishing – A Vietnam Vet suffering PTS, a lady with fibromyalgia, a young man with suicidal tendencies, an older man who had suffered excrutiating back pain for 30 years, another man whose wife had died in a car accident which he felt responsible for years earlier, and so on. over a short period of time they worked through their personal situations with experts and by the end, each of them was cured of their affliction. And the results are lasting! God given magic, I have also seen the results achieved by the those who were deeply traumatised after the Newtown shootings using EFT techniques with Nick Ortner and others.
    Checkout my blog in Feb 2015 for the Tapping World Summit where Jessica Ortner interviews Dr Christiane Northrup, if you haven’t already. I love the way you have presented your information. keep up the great work Toni 😉

    • Toni Everard says:

      Linda thank you for bringing it to my attention! I think it’s fabulous and really worth sharing with others as you never know who may benefit from this wonderful technique. From someone who knows so much about this Linda I’m really appreciate your comments on my content. Thank you, I will go and check out your blog as well. 🙂

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