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Time To Cut The Fat!

By March 4, 2015Mindset

Image of Cutting Board and text Time to Cut the Fat

Do you ever feel like life is somehow holding you back? You know that feeling of wanting parts of your life to change or new things to happen but no matter how much you concentrate and focus on how wonderful your life could be nothing seems to change?

Well I sure do. That has definitely been me.

Knowing what it is that you want is definitely the first step to getting there. Being able to visualise yourself in the life that you want is also important. Feeling like you own it and believing that it’s yours.

These are all important parts of the process that anyone who has read any kind of self-help or motivational book of any kind will know.

The biggest thing though that I have found, and the greatest kicker for me is to – CUT THE FAT!

That’s right, whatever you have in your life still that no longer serves you – CUT IT!

This applies to all aspects of your life from relationships, to thought processes and even what you keep in your cupboards at home.

Let me share some examples with you and feel free to change the details in your mind to suit your own personal experiences.

You know that guy that you have that AMAZING connection with who returns your text messages hours, or even a day or two later – if you’re lucky? The guy who has so much respect for you but can never make it to anything of importance to you especially if it means meeting your friends and family? Says you have his support in whatever you’re going through but when you ask he’s suddenly busy?

Give him the CHOP!! Great guys will connect with you through their actions not just their words. Sever your ties now and guess what? You’ll create a void. Sounds scary huh? Well this is the great bit, that void is now the space that is open and ready for someone to walk into who is all the things you want from a relationship.

How about those jeans you’ve kept in the wardrobe for about six or seven years now because if you just lost 5kg they would look really awesome on you?

Give them the SNIP!! Those jeans and any other clothes that you have in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in the last two years need to be scrapped! Chances are they are either no longer in fashion or you’ve had them so long that your body shape has changed and they will never look right on you.

Donate them to charity and give someone else the opportunity to put them to good use. Go out and get yourself some new jeans that fit you now and make you feel good about yourself NOW!

Still smoking? I have to admit, I have been a smoker.. ‘Gasp!’ (yes, pun intended) and yes to be honest if they were free, didn’t kill you, didn’t stink and didn’t make you look a little skanky, I would smoke myself silly. But the truth is they are expensive as all hell, they do actually kill you and yes no matter how much perfume or mints you use, you still stink like ciggy butts!

STAB out that habit now! Your bank account will love you, you’ll feel better, look better, smell better, live longer and healthier and you will thank yourself – after the cravings stop and you’re not feeling so cranky..

How about your cupboards and drawers? Are your drawers filled with birthday and Christmas cards from two, three, four or more years ago? Old bills, letters and notices that have long since been paid and dealt with? Are  your cupboards stacked with old containers with no lids, chipped and cracked crockery that you don’t use anymore? Have you jigsaw puzzles and games with pieces missing? Old and broken jewellery, watches or glasses that aren’t worth getting fixed?

SHRED that stockpile! Slashing clutter from your home will give you the instant benefit of slashing the clutter from your mind at the same time. Keeping junk that you no longer need or use takes up valuable space in your life that you could be utilising to create a life that reflects who you want to be now.

Got 99 excuses but not one of them are working for you?  You know the ones I mean, you hear them all too often.

I’m too busy, I’m not smart enough, I’m not fit enough, I’m not good enough,  It hurts, It’s confusing, I don’t understand it, No one I know is doing it, I don’t know how, I’ll do it tomorrow.. Need I go on??

DISECT each and every excuse!  You have everything you need to make your own reality one that you love! You are designed to be awesome at being you and to enjoy life and remember this… One day it will be too late, your time will have passed. Will all those excuses still seem relevant as to why you never did what you really wanted to do?

So that’s it folks. You can’t welcome the new while you’re still clinging on to the old. Have a good, long hard look at yourself and what you’re still clinging on to. If what you are doing, saying, keeping and thinking is not serving you in a positive way, it will be holding you back.

Dice, ShaveSlice..! Do whatever you need to make room for what you do want in your life.

It’s Time To Cut The Fat!!

Author Toni

Toni Everard has a gift for motivating and inspiring change in others. Having overcome many of her own life challenges Toni left her previous career in banking and finance to fulfil her desire to contribute more to the world. Now as a Coach, Therapist, Educator and Speaker Toni works with individuals and groups to create transformational change and empower those who want to create more in life for themselves and those they care about.

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