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What Is Microlearning?

By April 11, 2015Education

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Have you heard of the term ‘Microlearning’ before? Well it was pretty new to me so when the SFM and DEA announced they were launching the DEA Digital Skills platform I thought I would check it out!

  • Microlearning is a term used in the area of e-learning or online learning, education and training.
  • Learning is delivered in short, bite sized chunks of information by way of 60-120 second videos.
  • Only the necessary materials are communicated, cutting out all the ‘fluff’.
  • Microlearners are found to benefit from greater retention and ease of learning.
  • Learners take short tests in between training videos to assess their understanding and retention as they go.
  • Microlearning makes it easier to integrate learning into daily schedules to encourage continuous learning.
  • Combined with the power of technology, Microlearning is more readily accessible enhancing learner motivation making learning more powerful and natural.
  • Microlearning is the way of the future, transforming how we learn for both our personal and professional needs.

I have to say having now researched Microlearning and working through my own library of Microlearning modules available to me through the SFM I am a massive fan!

Some of the modules available to me include:

Online Security, Gmail, iPhone Tips & Tricks
iPad Tips & Tricks, Blogging Basics, Facebook Basics
Facebook Ads, Google Chrome, Hootsuite Mastery
Online Marketing – Six Figure Mentors, GoToMeeting
Adbobe, Photoshop, LinkedIn Basics, Paypal
Productivity, Skype, Twitter and that’s just to name a few!

So you can see there are modules to help anyone learn no matter what level of experience you have online to become a successful Online Marketer and Business Owner.

I myself am currently working through the YouTube basics module to assist me in my 90 Day Video Challenge. It is so easy to work through and with the course being broken down into bite sized modules it’s super easy for me to do little bits each day depending on how much time I have available.

By clicking on this link you will get to watch a short video giving you a sneak peek behind the scenes of what the Digital Skills platform actually looks like. See Video Here.

If you think this looks like something you could do and are interested in learning how to become an Online Marketer and start your own business online, check out the very special Complimentary 7 Day Video Series delivered straight to your email box.

They are the exact videos I first watched that started my own exciting journey and I haven’t looked back since. I couldn’t be happier!!

I’m thinking Winston Churchill would have been a big fan of Microlearning too if it had been around in his day..

“I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.”- Winston Churchill


Author Toni

Toni Everard has a gift for motivating and inspiring change in others. Having overcome many of her own life challenges Toni left her previous career in banking and finance to fulfil her desire to contribute more to the world. Now as a Coach, Therapist, Educator and Speaker Toni works with individuals and groups to create transformational change and empower those who want to create more in life for themselves and those they care about.

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  • This micro learning sounds interesting. I guess it would be really good if you have a short attention span. The other thing with it is that you can put it into action without having to stop the video
    Thanks for sharing this Toni

  • I love the little training videos they released…. whats good about them being short is that you are less likely to have to pause and do something else (like attend to children) whilst you are watching them!

  • What a terrific description of the micro-learning platform Toni! I endorse everything you say, and would like to add that it’s fun as well! Thanks for sharing 😉

  • Nik Nekeare says:

    fantastic advice on microlearning, especially how everybody needs this kind of material to help them with every technical aspect of this digital journey…..orsum as always

    • Toni Everard says:

      Thanks Nik! Becoming an online marketer is so much more than just having a business isn’t it? There’s so much invaluable personal development and getting your digital skills set up to speed is a must for today’s changing world as pretty soon it will be something that affects everyone it it doesn’t already! The platform that the SFM and DEA offer is by far one of the greatest and most valuable I’ve found. I love sharing this with people 🙂

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