What’s different about Online Business Owners?

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I’ve always felt a little bit ‘different’.

My parents separated when I was young and my brother and I lived with our Dad. When I was seven, Dad moved us to the country to run a crash repair business he bought and we being ‘out of towners’ with an unusual family unit in the early 80’s made us ‘different’.

Growing up with a strong male influence I was somewhat of a tomboy and being a girl called ‘Toni’ who was always slightly taller than everyone else made me a bit ‘different’.

Due to our family circumstances I started school early so I was always a little younger than everyone in my class. When I left school after completing Year 11 and started working full time, I was still only fifteen years old.

At one point in my career I became a Non Destructive Testing Technician working in Heavy Engineering. At the time there was only one other female in Australia who was doing the same work as I was.

I then married quickly, had a beautiful daughter and divorced only a few years later becoming a single mum.

Yep as you can see, I managed to fit into quite a few ‘different’ roles all through my life. As a child and young adult feeling ‘different‘ wasn’t something I whole heartedly embraced however by the time I reached my late 30’s I started feeling a whole lot ‘different’ about it!

Knowing that I’m different and embracing it is so empowering.  I don’t have to fit in with the norm and no one expects me to. I have no fear of putting myself out there and trying something new because hey, I’m different and I can do whatever it is I like!

I’m proud of the fact I’m unique and brave enough to forge my own path and take risks and have experiences that not everyone is willing to try.

It allows me to have more fun, try more things and engage with more people.

Ultimately being different has given me the courage to step into the unknown and create an Online Business for myself with no previous knowledge or experience.

I’ve dabbled in the past with MLM type selling of beauty products which I love and still use today but didn’t really find that particular business model suited me. I did however know I wanted to be able to do something that I had more control over than what came with a 9-5 job.

I had successfully studied accounting online before and was looking for something else I could study to expand my skill set and ultimately improve my lifestyle and financial security.

As a mum I also wanted to be a good role model for my daughter, who is now 12, and demonstrate to her how you can be independent, create a successful life that you are passionate about and not be tied into the corporate/employee mindset.

I found the Six Figure Mentors through my good friend of 20 years and so I knew from her that this was a legitimate opportunity.

Within 4 weeks of first watching the Free 7 Day Video Series with self-made millionaires Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, I had made my Application, become a member, and gone through an amazing program of education designed to teach you not only how to set up your own Online Business, but the whole environment and mindset from which to create your business giving you the best chance of being successful.

Within that month I had registered my own domain name, set up my own website (this still blows my mind), a Facebook page and I was marketing online! How long this process takes for each individual varies, as I’ve mentioned I’m a single mum and I also have a part time job so time isn’t always on my side however I love what I do so much that I make the time.

Becoming an Affiliate Marketer is the fastest and easiest way to begin an Online Business when you don’t have any products or services of your own to sell. As a member of the SFM you are provided with a range of great value, high quality products to promote.

The education, skills and tools that you receive as a member of the SFM teach you how to market any product or service online, you can even be an affiliate with other programs if you want to.

One of the most brilliant parts of joining the SFM other than the fantastic education platform, tools and business model you have access to, is the exclusive community of like minded individuals.

You can connect with wonderfully positive, supportive and ‘different’ thinking entrepreneurial people from all over the globe who you can share ideas with, learn from and connect with who understand exactly what it is you are working on when many other people in your life who are still in the traditional economy employee mindset don’t.

More and more people every day are learning how the future of commerce and trade is moving toward the digital economy and how they can become a part of it. This is an industry that is only going to grow and develop which means now is the perfect time to get in and learn how to make it work to your advantage.

The wonderful thing about this whole opportunity is that you don’t have to just take my word for it and I don’t need to try and ‘sell’ this to you.

I’m able to offer you access to the very same Free 7 Day Video Series’ that I first watched. You are under no obligation by receiving them and if after you watch the videos you feel like you want to learn more you can make an Application to join the SFM which comes with a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Now from my personal experience as a member in addition to the fact you can check this out with no obligation or risk, I would urge you to go for it!

This is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s not a make fast easy money with a click of a button. It’s a genuine opportunity to learn online marketing from self-made millionaires and online marketing experts who want to share their knowledge with you so you can learn how to create a profitable Online Business of your own which will take some hard work, dedication and investment.

I can honestly say this is the best thing I’ve done in a very long time and I know that the skills I now have and the knowledge I have gained will benefit me for the rest of my life and enable me to provide a better future for myself, my daughter and all the people I connect and share this with.

So I guess what’s different about Online Business Owners  is our ability to think outside the box. We don’t mind standing out from the masses as being a bit different and we are able to use our minds to forge a different path with the belief that anything is possible should we have enough desire, passion and willingness to keep striving and working hard for what we truly want to achieve!

I hope you’ve found my article helpful and informative. Please comment or use the share buttons below to give others you think would benefit from having the opportunity to learn online marketing and make a difference to their lives and futures as well.

Here’s to making a difference with your online marketing education and business success!


Author Toni Everard

Internationally accredited Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Coach and Hypnotist, Toni Everard is passionate about helping you breakthrough whatever has been holding you back so you can be your own best coach, achieve your goals and live your dream life.

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  • Kim McKee - Online says:

    Hi Toni, this is a great blog, thanks for sharing your experiences, your are a true inspiration to others looking to make their way online. Great read! Kim

    • Toni Everard says:

      Thanks Kim, I truly believe that learning how to create a profitable business online is a skill that is going to become more and more relevant in the years to come. If I can help more people understand how this works by sharing my story and how I got here then I think that can only be a good thing!

  • Nik Nekeare says:

    Beautifully put why you make our community of different, like-minded people, different. Put this out there for more to see because it’s inspirational, raw and no BS. Thankyou, I’m feeling special after reading this…..lol. Cheers Toni

    • Toni Everard says:

      Thank you Nik. It is a wonderful community within the SFM and so very supportive of everyone and their ‘different’ journeys. I love all the new friends I have made online from all over the globe. And so you should feel special, you are creating a business and helping others achieve along the way. Brilliant! 🙂

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